• Does Meadow Brook accept residents that live outside of Antrim County?
    Yes. Residents that live outside of Antrim County are accepted. However, depending upon bed availability (if less than 3 beds are open), in-county residents have first choice.
  • How much does services cost at Meadow Brook?
    Depending upon the payer source, resident services are $395 per day or $12,245 per month. To discuss payment plan options, please contact 231-533-8661 ext. 117
  • What forms of payment are accepted by Meadow Brook?
    Check, Cash, Credit Cards, Medicaid, Medicare A, and Most Advantage plans are accepted. Please contact 231-533-8661 ext. 117 to confirm that your insurance plan can be used at our facility.
  • What social and recreational programs does Meadow Brook offer?
    Meadow Brook offers a wide variety of social and recreational programs from large community events to smaller person-directed activities in the resident’s respective homes. There is a Beautician located on the premises ready to service our residents.
    Various church services of different denominations are conducted here at our facility. Meadow Brook also has a fish pond and resident fishing onsite. Local bands and entertainers frequently visit and share their talents. Community outings are also planned for residents to be able to get out on the town for shopping, dining out, local events, and color tours.  Click here to see upcoming events.
  • Can I bring pets to live with or visit me?
    Meadow Brook loves and highly encourages pet visitation and interaction. There are great therapeutic benefits of pet time for our residents. 2017 Meadow Brook welcomed the first canine resident Scout who resides in Glacier Hills household. Please contact the house coordinator to check requirements before bringing a pet to visit for the first time.
  • Are there visiting hours or limits to how much family members and friends can visit me?
    Family and friends are encouraged to visit their loved one frequently. With this is mind, there are no set visiting hours or limits to visitation time unless otherwise specified in the residents medical care plan.
  • Does Meadow Brook have an Independent living facility for Seniors?
    Yes. Meadow View Independent Senior Living Apartments is for seniors aged 55 and older and is located adjacent to the Meadow Brook Facility. While residing in the apartments, we recommend connecting with the Commission On Aging (COA) which has numerous services that are beneficial to the health and liveliness of independent seniors. Click here for more information. 
  • Is smoking allowed on the premises or in the parking lot?
    Meadow Brook is a smoke-free facility. For the health and safety of the other residents and staff, smoking is not allowed on the premises.
  • What items from home am I allowed to bring with me?
    We strive to promote a home like environment and we encourage our residents to bring items from home that will invoke comfort and a smooth transition into our facility.
    Click here for a list of clothing, furniture items and electronic devices that can be brought in from their home.