Regardless of your loved ones needs, Meadow Brook will make every effort to meet those needs.
Feel free to email or phone with questions or concerns.

Please Contact Admissions Coordinator
(231) 533-8661 ext 115

Admission Information:

Thank you for considering Meadow Brook as your long-term care provider. Our staff understands that choosing nursing home placement is an important, sometimes, life altering decision. We encourage potential residents to explore all community-based services prior to entering a nursing home to assure that an informed health care decision has been made. Our highly skilled staff will make every effort to assist you in meeting your quality of life goals throughout your stay with us.

Our Admissions Coordinator,  will be happy to assist you with questions regarding placement at Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility. Please feel free to contact her at 231-533-8661 ext 115 or via email at admissions@meadowbrookmcf.com with any questions or inquiries.

The Admission process can be an overwhelming experience due to the volume of documents that must be signed and reviewed. The average admission generally takes two (2) hours. Please plan on spending this time with our Admission Coordinator to avoid delays, confusion and disruption of care needs.

Listed below are some of the required items needed prior to placement:

  • COVID Vaccination Status
  • Physician’s Request and Pre-Admission Screenings
  • Completed History and Physical
  • Summarized Medical History
  • Chest x-ray within the last 90 days
  • Most recent laboratory work (CBC, VDRL and UA)
  • Last Pneumovac received
  • A pre-admission screening for mental health purposes is also required.

All Pre-Admission information can be printed and mailed to Admissions Coordinator.

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