Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility has a rich history that spans over a century, rooted deeply in the community of Antrim County. Its origins trace back to 1868 when the Antrim County Board of Supervisors made a pivotal decision to establish a Poor Farm, leading to the purchase of 90 acres in Torch Lake Township in 1869. Initially serving as a place of refuge for the county’s indigent population, the facility has evolved through the decades, adapting to the changing needs of the community it serves. From its early days as a Poor Farm to its transformation into a medical care facility, Meadow Brook has been a cornerstone of support, providing care for the elderly, the sick, and those in need of medical attention.

The facility’s journey from a Poor Farm to a medical care institution is marked by significant milestones. The devastating fire of 1926 led to the construction of a new building, laying the groundwork for the future Meadow Brook. The enactment of Public Act 280 in 1939 marked a turning point, shifting the focus towards providing medical and nursing care. This evolution continued through the mid-20th century, with expansions and enhancements to accommodate more residents and diversify the services offered. The closure of the hospital in the late 1960s and the subsequent establishment of a long-term care nursing facility underscored Meadow Brook’s commitment to meeting the healthcare needs of Antrim County’s residents.

Today, Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of community and care that has characterized its history. Certified by the Federal Government and licensed by the State of Michigan, it offers a range of services to its residents, supported by Medicare, Medicaid, and private pay programs. The facility’s transformation from a humble Poor Farm into a modern medical care facility reflects the changing landscape of healthcare and the timeless value of compassion and support for those in need. With a dedicated staff of 150 employees, Meadow Brook continues to be a vital part of Antrim County, honoring its past while looking forward to serving future generations.