Scout & Friends

scouts story

Scout’s Story

Meet our legendary escape artist, Scout.

In 2017, the Meadow Brook night nurses had an unexpected visitor on the front lobby couch. Scout, an escapee from the nearby animal shelter, wandered in through the automatic doors, settled on a cozy couch, and took a nap. Although Scout was eventually returned to the shelter, this was not the last time we saw him. To our surprise, Scout made a return visit a few nights later. The mystery deepened as he managed to bypass a 10-foot chain-link fence, a 6-foot privacy fence, and the road undetected. After multiple visits, our Administrator, Marna, felt it was fate and decided to adopt Scout.

Following his third escape, our staff officially welcomed Scout into the family. Though his origin remains a mystery, he has found his home at Glacier Hill Household. Scout now checks on his beloved people daily, charming them into giving him biscuits. He brings comfort and a sense of home to everyone at the facility. By choosing us, Scout has brought joy and warmth to our lives every single day.

willows story

Willow’s Story

One cold February afternoon, our loyal dog Scout was doing his normal Courtyard patrol when he noticed an intruder, a fluffy little black intruder. This led to an energetic pursuit, a little barking, some hissing, and undoubtedly a bit of fluffed fur and enlarged tails. Luckily, the commotion got the staff’s attention and we narrowly avoided a significant “cat-astrophe!”

As Marna Robertson, Administrator said “The word is out in the Animal Kingdom. We have enclosed courtyards, she had to have climbed to the rooftop to get in here.” In true Meadow Brook fashion, the staff rose to the occasion and started caring for this sweet black cat.

After receiving some love, food, and comfort from the staff, the affectionate cat felt at ease enough to come indoors. In no time at all, it became clear that, once again, for reasons unknown to us, this cat had chosen us. She swiftly acclimated to her new environment and captured the hearts of the residents. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate her owner. She was then taken to the vet for a check-up and all necessary vaccinations. The residents of Grass Creek warmly welcomed the cat as their own, and the next task was to decide on her name. Unanimously, the residents chose to name her “Willow.”

Willow, the fluffy and playful feline, brings joy and warmth to every corner of Meadow Brook. Her love for cuddles and playtime brightens even the gloomiest of days. As she gracefully roams the halls of the Grass Creek household, she finds new nooks and crannies for her favorite game of hide and seek. It’s a delight to see her playful spirit light up the household with each meow and purr.

It’s safe to say that Meadow Brook is quickly becoming known as a safe haven for animals. It’s a testament to the love and care that fills every inch of our “pawsome” home.

cosmos story

Cosmo’s Story

Just like Scout, my buddy o’ pal mention,I arrived at Meadow Brook feather to feather with my sister Porsche in 2018. Sadly, in 2021, Porsche flew over the rainbow bridge into pet paradise. She was my partner in mischief, the dynamic duo patrolling Main Street. Oh, how I long for her presence. Now, I reign solo as the Main Hall Monitor. You might catch me nodding off on duty, admiring my reflection in the mirror (more often than anything) or belting out tunes – a bird of many talents, indeed! I am the epitome of charm and wit – just ask me, I’ll squawk at ya!

At times, you may catch me breaking free from my cage, snuggling on a cozy shoulder, creating chaos in hairstyles, or scheming my way into a popcorn heist – oh, the irresistible allure of popcorn!

Don’t worry my friends – I cannot fly. When I was a young fledgling, I sustained an injury to my right wing. It was serious enough to prevent me from ever flying. I still like to try to fly sometimes but I get nowhere fast. It doesn’t bother me though, I mean Hey! I am here for a good time, that doesn’t require flying, only making my people feel good when they stroll down Main Street.

How to Donate to Scout’s House – Paw’s for the Pantry

Monetary donations can be made to:

Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility
Attn: Rhonda Tomczak / Scout
4543 South M-88 HWY
Bellaire, MI 49615

(Please make checks out to Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility)

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