Visitation Guidelines

  • We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of both our residents and staff at the facility. Visitors are welcome at any time.
  • When you visit, kindly use the main sliding doors located at the front of the building and sign in at the station in the vestibule.
  • Hand hygiene supplies and face masks are available at this station. You are welcome to wear a mask at any time, especially if you are feeling unwell or wish to take extra precautions while visiting your loved one. Currently, wearing a face mask within the facility is optional.
  • In the event of an outbreak, the facility will notify you and strongly recommend that visitors wear masks when entering. Family members of residents will receive notifications through robocalls. Updates on facility outbreaks will also be posted on the Meadow Brook Facebook page for the public.
  • If you have symptoms such as a cold, flu, or Covid-like symptoms, please avoid visiting the facility until you are symptom-free.
  • To visit a specific household, please ring the doorbell, and a staff member will assist you.

Is there are way we can have a Covid, flu and RSV tracker built into this part of the page? So that we can just input how many active cases we have at the facility when we do have them.

Pet Visitation

At Meadow Brook, we realize how a pet can be a significant part of the family. For that reason, we welcome family members to bring a beloved pet into the facility when it’s convenient for their resident. Please follow the below guidelines in accordance with Meadow Brook’s visitation policy with pets.

Meadow Brook policy states that all pets brought into the facility for pet visits must have a copy of their vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian on file in the Therapeutic Recreation Department prior to the animal coming in. All vaccinations must be current. Pets will not be permitted entry without providing these records. Pets must be vaccinated for Rabies and Parvovirus.

  • The owner of the animal will be liable and responsible for the pet at all times.
  • Visiting pets should be on a leash or in a create at all times while in the facility/facility grounds.
  • Remain restricted to areas designated by the facility. If the animal is in ta resident’s room, the door must be closed.
  • Be determined not to be in estrus (heat) at the time of the visit.
  • Animals must be housebroken. Pet owners must clean up after their animal in the event of an accident.
  • Animals must be free of fleas, ticks and other parasites. Any animal not clean and in apparent good health or found to have external parasites must be removed from the premises.
  • Should the animal become aggressive, it must be reported to the nurse immediately (scratches, bites and etc).
  • Wild animals or primates are not permitted into the facility due to a high risk of harboring pathogens.
  • The administrator has the authority to allow or prohibit animal visitation in the facility.

Please contact the Therapeutic Recreation Director for any questions at 231-533-8661 ext 103.

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