“Bill and I would like you to know that no special day is needed, to say nice things to all of you because that’s done within our heart each day the whole year through.  But it’s still nice to have the chance at this special time of year to Thank You for the kind, loving care of our dear sister Gloria and the others at Orchard Hill House.  You give so graciously to make their lives richer and peaceful.  We are appreciative of it.  Thank you,”
Bill and Vickie Reynolds

“To All of the Employees involved in my care:  I’m so very grateful to each of you for the loving care you provided for me while I was at Meadow Brook.  The food you provided was delicious.  I appreciated being able to eat in my room when I didn’t feel like getting dressed.  Bathing in your large tub was wonderful!  It’s the first time I ever saw one.  I loved my room, and the privacy that was provided.  If you ever get to East Jordan, please come visit me.  I miss all of you!”
Sincerely, Connie Gillespie